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The BC Building Code is a minimum standard. At Greyridge Residential Construction Ltd., we don't believe that building to meet a minimum standard is good enough. If you are building to meet a minimum standard, you're building the worst product you are legally allowed to build, and that's a low bar to set. We believe we have the obligation to do better for our communities, and for our clients.

That's why we do things a little differently, because if you do what's always been done you'll get what's always been gotten... and that's not progressive enough to beat the high cost of building a home and running a household.


So, first we decided we would only build performance houses. What is a performance house, you may ask? This is a home that is constructed to a high standard, which has the benefit of making it super durable with a superior longevity. We make sure it has a high grade, uncomplicated heating and ventilation system which means it will provide a healthier air quality for your family, free of excess moisture and preventing mold. We build it to be extremely well insulated, which means that this type of house has superior energy performance, which really means it doesn't cost much to heat or cool. It also means the temperature stays pretty constant, achieving a superior level of comfort. Also, a well insulated home is a home that is super quiet. 

Second, we decided we could build those performance houses without breaking the bank. Some people think that building performance housing costs too much, but we have put that to the test and proven it wrong. By changing our processes, by being more diligent about our build, and by closely managing every aspect of our projects using our own staff we can build performance for a great price.

Are these the things you want our of your brand new home? It's what we want you to have.

Winter house framing... BRRRR!

Our Background

Originating up in Northern BC where climactic conditions create unique challenges in heating and cooling, energy conservation becomes a substantial financial factor as more Canadians feel the pain of the rising cost of housing. We have been building homes in Alberta and BC and have been pushing the boundaries of what we can do to make a home comfortable, affordable, and energy conscious. We have achieved those goals, and now we only pursue projects that are looking to capitalize on what we can do for the build... which is create a Net Zero or Net Zero ready, energy efficient home that is built to last for many generations. And... we specialize in affordability, using our own staff instead of general contracting. This gives us a better timeline control, cost control, quality control, and ultimately makes a superior product.

What Makes Us Special?

Who We Are, and Who We Aren't

If you are looking to build energy efficient performance housing, that's us! 

If you are looking to build affordable performance housing, that's definitely us!

If you have a multi-family build and are looking to maximize your energy rebates and grant contributions from BC Housing or CMHC or the federal government and need a performance builder, that's us!

If you have a fun project in a remote location that's a bit of a challenge, that could be us... we are fully set up to build off grid with our own power generation and equipment. 

If you are looking to build a giant 17 bedroom home with a glass wall, and a swimming pool, we aren't those guys.

If you want a super custom house on a mountain top with a helicopter pad, that's not us either.

If you want to build a house, but your brother's uncle is a plumber so you want us to let him do the framing and you own a screwdriver so you want do your own flooring... that's not us either.

We manage our own builds, so we can manage our own quality control, our air-tightness, and the finished product. We don't work with 'owner builders' or custom clients who decide to change the plans mid-build. We settle on a design, and we have a contract system we use. We build and control our own projects, and it works for us and all of our past clients are happy with that.

If who we are sounds good to you, feel free to reach out via one of the methods below and we can discuss if Greyridge is the right fit for your building project.

Business Info


8992 Major St,

Langley BC   V1M2R8

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